Creativity vs. Productivity in Web Design

Messy Desk

The other day I came across the BEST article about creativity and desk-messiness. It went on to provide examples of great thinkers and their messy desks.

I love this article! I think it’s beautiful and to the point, with examples of the point the author is attempting to show the reader. It has nice images to break up the content and a very cool ‘click here to tweet’ quote functionality that I am going to have to figure out soon. In short, this article totally fired me up.

CaptureCreativity is Messy

It also made a lot of sense. Creativity doesn’t usually lend itself to structure. In other words, creativity is messy. So it would follow that a creative mind would have a cluttered desk. But not crazy cluttered or dirty. That’s another personality entirely.

Web Design and Creativity

So for example, when I’m designing a new prototype, I don’t mind the extra clutter. But when I’m in production mode – developing a new website – clutter will absolutely drive me crazy. Makes sense right?

Take a minute and read the article >> It’s well worth it.




by Debbi Cunnington, Web Designer

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