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StumbleUpon is a search tool for internet surfers. By using a toolbar, users can give the thumbs up or down on recommended sites. StumbleUpon pays attention to your preferences and suggests pages based on your reaction and the reviews of others to sites. As an internet marketer, this is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Here’s how:

Embrace standard SEO procedures. For example, it’s important to tag your site in a relevant category so StumbleUpon can find you. Additionally, you’ll want to insert the StumbleUpon integration code to pages in your site. However, you also want other people to stumble your pages, so don’t list every page yourself.

Embrace standard copywriting procedures. People are going to stop and review your site if you have attention-grabbing headlines and relevant and valuable content. Some experts suggest making sure your site is extremely content rich with information that cannot be read in one sitting. That way you’ll receive repeat visits from StumbleUpon.

Build a community. In addition to becoming actively involved with StumbleUpon so you know how it works and how better to optimize your content for the site, you’ll want to build a community around your website. This way you’ll be able to actively promote StumbleUpon on your website and in your communications, and visitors will naturally visit StumbleUpon, install the toolbar and start giving you the thumbs up!

Always give something away for free. You know the drill – to build your opt-in list and traffic to your site, give them something for free. This technique drives traffic from visitors that come to you via any medium, and StumbleUpon is no different. And they’re more likely to give you a thumbs up if they’re getting something for free – reciprocity.

Embrace standard website procedures. For example, make sure your site URL is easy to remember. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and make sure it’s also appealing to the eye. People sometimes give a thumbs up just because they like the way your site looks.

Finally, ask people to rate your site. Ask friends and family to give you a StumbleUpon thumbs up. Ask current list members, customers and even associates to get on StumbleUpon and rate your site and actively promote StumbleUpon on your website(s).

StumbleUpon is a great social tool to build your website traffic, community and profits.  Use it, promote it, and follow general optimization, content and website design recommendations. Once you’re doing well on StumbleUpon, experts say your traffic can increase by as much as 800-1000 visitors each day. That’s nothing to stumble over!

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