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Viral marketing is one of the best marketing tools to grow your business. If it’s done correctly, you can go from obscure to what’s on everyone’s lips in just a few days. If you’re new to the term, viral marketing is essentially capturing your market with a tool that’s passed from person to person. YouTube is a perfect example of this as people love to share videos, especially funny or shocking ones. However, other products can be viral as well.

You can capture your market online with these viral marketing tools and tactics:

  • eBooks (I have one coming soon, so watch for it!!)
  • Reports
  • Workshops, seminars or online course
  • Video or audio

In order to make these marketing tools viral you’ll need to make sure they accomplish a few things. Viral means that they’re passed from person to person and the more quickly items are passed, the bigger the market you’re able to capture. So let’s think about what makes someone pass along a bit of information. They’d forward it to a friend if it is:


Humor is a great way to capture a viral market online. People love to laugh and if you can make them laugh and market your business at the same time, you’re golden. Video is the easiest tool to capture an online audience with humor. Try creating a funny advertisement and posting it on YouTube.

Thought provoking and/or controversial.

Controversy can really get people talking. However, you must walk a fine line when going viral with a controversial book, report, video or other product because it can backfire. *I think people want you to be REAL but some people will always find something to complain about…


Regardless of the fact that there’s an abundance of information available online today, people still hold quality content in high value. If you can create an informative product, people will share it with others.

But how do you use a viral product to promote your business?

When using something like a video or audio, you can market your product or service directly in the content. You can also make sure to incorporate your company name and URL into the content.

The same holds true for any print product like an eBook or a report. Simply make sure that you include a link or two back to your website. You can also place an “about the author” type page inside your book and a separate page to promote your products and services. The choice on how you promote yourself is yours; just make sure to let people know where to go for more information.

To capture your online market with viral marketing you’ll also want to make sure your viral content is placed where your audience hangs out. Use social networking, advertising and PPC, article marketing and so on to draw attention to your viral product. Get the word out and then let your viral content do its job.


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