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Your business is booming! But you need help. Do you need an Online Business Manager, Project Manager or Virtual Assistant?

If you have an online business, you are probably familiar with the terms Online Business Manager, Project Manager and Virtual Assistant. But what is the real difference between these 3 types of online assistance?

Now, first off, VAs, PMs and OBMs often vary depending on the business. I’m talking about this from MY experience and how I work with clients.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

The VA is the ‘doer’. It is the VA’s job to complete specific tasks that are assigned to them. The VA is responsible for their own work and aren’t involved in planning or overseeing other people.

Project Manager (PM)

The PM is the ‘implementer’. It is the PM’s job to take the information they are given and create a plan of attack, coming up with all the pieces that are needed to reach the goal. They are the ‘What, When, How’ people.

Now, traditional wisdom says that the PM only MANAGES: YOU, the TEAM, solving problems BEFORE they happen, saving you time, money and ENERGY. That said, I have found while I’ve been in this business (going on 17 years) that the PM can and should do some of the tasks, or at the very least, should be able to jump in at any time and perform the tasks.

Online Business Manager (OBM)

The OBM is the ‘manager’. It is the OBM’s job to oversee the entire business and keep all the ‘balls in the air’, so to speak. The OBM manages the VAs and the PMs and makes sure the business is operating on a day to day basis.

The OBM is the ‘buck stops here’ person, responsible for all tasks and projects, making certain that the everything is done in a timely fashion. The OBM, depending on their skill level, will do a lot of the work themselves.

What About Strategy

Although there really isn’t an official ‘name’ for Online Strategy and Implementation, that is exactly what I do. I have been working with entrepreneurs for over 16 years and over that time, I have learned what works, what doesn’t and how to really dig deep and​ come up with both a strategy and a plan for implementation.

I am more than an OBM or a PM or a VA – I am really an online business strategist. I work with you to get a solid plan in place and create systems to implement it. I have all of the technical skills a business would need for implementation, plus a team behind me to take care of anything else. That is really all that you need.

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