Previewing a site with Godaddy hosting

First off, Godaddy is NOT my favorite company for domains/hosting/etc. The interface makes things more complicated than necessary, installing programs can be difficult and sometimes direct FTP access via Dreamweaver or Filezilla won’t work.

That said, their customer support is always very helpful!

So, I had a website that needed to be built with Godaddy hosting while leaving the existing site (pointed at a different DNS) live. I wanted to be able to preview the domain as I built it on the server without switching the DNS.

Usually, this is easily done if you’re using hosting such as Bluehost. Godaddy – not so easy. After looking around online for a bit, I decided to call Godaddy and see if they could help. This is what I found:

Login to your Godaddy account and click on HOSTING on the left sidebar menu:

Next, you’ll see the hosting manager. Click on ‘manage account':


This will open a new window with your hosting account summary. Towards the bottom, you’ll see Primary Domain DNS:


When you click ‘view’, a small box will appear. It will show your CURRENT nameservers, as well as the Preview DNS feature. If it is already activated, as it is in the case below, you can click on the link to see a preview of your site as you are building it. If it is NOT enabled, you can simply click ENABLE, which will allow this to happen. It does take a bit of time to be processed – not more than 24 hours.


When you click Preview My Site, you will see this:


Click on the link and a new window will open with the preview site. NOTE: if you’re building with WordPress, as I was, you can still login to the backend by using the preview DNS URL and adding /wp-login.php at the end. Works great!

by Debbi Cunnington, Web Designer

+Debbi is a 14 year veteran designer that rocks at WordPress, HTML/CSS, graphics and writes here.

2 thoughts on “Previewing a site with Godaddy hosting

  1. Jen says:

    Great post! I like how you found the silver lining in an otherwise negative hosting experience! I dislike GoDaddy but this feature is very useful! Thanks for posting!

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