My Clients

Many of my clients have been with me for years and years. When I partner with you, I am invested in your business.

"Debbi has been a valuable asset handling all tech aspects of the business and keeping everything running smoothly. She would make recommendations on improvements to both softwares and processes which were valuable.

Her skills and experience are an asset to any business she partners with."
"We definitely have seen an increase. We had couple of calls for Health Insurance and Bonds which isn't our focus, but its generating activity and Lisa just sold a policy off a guy that found us online."
"I’ve worked with Debbi across three different organizations and each experience is more exceptional than the last. Is it any wonder when I have a client in need of cutting-edge design, great ideas or with a technical emergency, I call Debbi.

Plain and simple? She ROCKS!"
Ericka Pardun, MBA
Online Business Manager
"Debbi is a team player who cares about others and is willing to take new projects on as they come up. Her ability to pay close attention to program launches and project manage launches across all stages is crucial. She is an asset to any team."
"Debbi has been working as a Graphic & Website Design Consultant with Mozak Design since 2016. She works with me to understand the client’s needs, create a design that meets those needs oversees the creation of her design in physical form and then trains the client on the new product.

She is a bright, fun and dependable person. She is a joy to work with and my customers love her as well."
"Debbi is the graphics and coding angel I have been looking for. She’s brilliant, creative and never lets me down. I’m her number 1 fan!"
"We worked together on a number of client projects for high-end coaching and educational programs. Debbi's work is impeccable and incredibly efficient while also showing a keen eye for excellent design. She is also a very attentive and perceptive listener who will ensure not only is the job done perfectly but also any opportunities to improve it, beyond the original scope, are taken too."
Carrie Cook
Marketing Strategiest
"Transformed my website to make it simpler and easy. Very quick to make these changes. Very well impressed with time frame of completion."
Great Results, Expert, Good Value! Debbi’s challenge is to competently coordinate virtual services so that we may endeavor to proactively utilize cost effective benefits.
I asked Debbi to create a header for me for my blog and she did a fabulous job; I’m so pleased with it. I told her some basics of what I was after, particularly in terms of colors, but wasn’t too sure about the style. She took what I told her and came up with three great designs for me to choose from – one of which was perfect. She turned all this around in less than a week and even uploaded my new header onto my blog for me. I’ll definitely use Debbi again and now have a great referral source for my clients. Thank you Debbi!
Tracey Lawton

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