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small business planning
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Debbi Sherman

Small Business Planning

SNOW DAY! It is snowing like crazy here today. Most of the school districts are closed and I’m sitting here looking at the snowflakes falling.

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WordPress Design
WordPress Design
Inez Nibacher

WordPress Design & Usability

WordPress themes are designed to make web pages look good and appealing. While Web Designers In Washington prefer WordPress,  Themes should not be used as

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Debbi Sherman

What is ConvertKit used for? Can it work with Instagram?

ConvertKit is a program that allows you to capture leads via forms or landing pages. You can then send emails to those leads (contacts) telling them about all of the awesome stuff you are doing/selling/making/thinking about doing. Remember list building? ConvertKit is used for that. 

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These 5 things are hurting your website (and your wallet).