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SNOW DAY! It is snowing like crazy here today. 

Most of the school districts are closed and I’m sitting here looking at the snowflakes falling. It really is pretty and somehow, relaxing to watch. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about stress lately and how I really want it banned from my life.

Last month, I was going over tips to make your business run smoothly and be less stressful for you, the business owner.

I’m going to continue along the ‘stress-free train’ because December is one of those months that can be A LOT for most people – and worse for business owners.

Small business planning

Small Business Planning - 2023

If you missed my social media posts in November, I went over a bunch of ways that a small business owner can work to have a stress-free business.

Here’s a quick recap:

You may have noticed that most of these TOP TEN TIPS to have a stress-free business are related to small business planning.


Because planning is necessary. You may have had a huge amount of success initially and that’s great! But it’s unlikely you will be able to keep that going without having a solid plan.

  1. Planning allows you to figure out what works – and what doesn’t work.
  2. Planning allows you to set goals and realize when you are spinning your wheels.
  3. Planning allows you to see the big picture.

December is a great time of year to really dig into small business planning.

You’re wrapping up the year, considering your budget for the next year and ready to jump into the new year. A lot of marketing plans are started in January only to be tossed on the floor by March. 

And that’s ok. See tip above, ‘give yourself a break sometimes’.

Planning isn’t an end goal, you should think of it as an on-going process.

Like your business website, it really isn’t ever completely finished. It is constantly evolving and growing as your business grows.


It’s tough sometimes to know exactly where to start. And sometimes it’s necessary to get some outside help to get you started. 

I provide this service – somewhere between strategy and organization – for a lot of my clients. They have ideas and goals in their head but they aren’t really written down anywhere. 

And that’s really important!!

Commit your plans to the recording device of your choice (paper, ipad, google doc, post-it) because putting that down makes it REAL.

Plans not recorded typically go nowhere.

If you’d like some help with your small business planning, I have a couple options for you. 

  1. Download my Stress-Free 2023 planner.
  2. Reach out for a free one-on-one Zoom session to get yourself on the path to a great 2023.


Here's to a stress-free, prosperous 2023!

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