Membership Site – built in WordPress

Mimi, a long time client of ours, was creating a new membership site for Financial Virtual Assistants.

The site needed to be clean and easy to navigate for both the visitor and the members.

WordPress Design and Usability

We all know what user-friendliness is: it’s the feeling you get when browsing a site that you are surfing with eyes closed, and not just your ears. And we all know about the two main kinds of user-friendliness:
1) The abstract kind, where you feel like you can understand what an app does without having to read its documentation or tutorials
2) The real life kind, where you feel like the interface is intuitive and predictable even though it might be a bit confusing
There are three different ways WordPress design lends itself to higher usability than regular websites… <read complete article>

Overall, I believe we delivered what was requested – an attractive, easy to use website. 

Download the complete PDF of the WordPress design by clicking the button below.

wordpress design
Wordpress Design
Wordpress Design
Wordpress Design
Wordpress Design

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