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When starting any new SEO strategy, always check website ranking by keyword before starting. You may have some ‘accidental’ positions that are helping your website and you don’t want to lose that traffic.

Unless the traffic you are receiving is completely outside of the focus of your website. If that is the case, you may want to take a look at your content.

To begin, we want to examine the keywords that place your website in the top 10. 

checking website ranking by keyword

This image shows a list of top 5 words and the number of clicks received for those clicks, along with the search volume of the keyword.

“Search volume” is a number that shows how many people are searching for a particular keyword. It’s how we track results.

When creating your content strategy, you must check website ranking by keyword as well as the volume of those keywords because it reflects the popularity of the keyword.

In other words, if you rank high for a keyword that no one (or very few people) search, your results are minimal.

Ideally, you want to find keywords with a high search volume and a low rate of search competition.

Rankings reviewed

On the list above, even though you’re ranking in the top 5, the search volume is such that you’re not getting that much traffic.

Also, we need to take a look at the keywords themselves. Are they specific to our niche? And more importantly, when people search and click on those SERPs, is their INTENT to find the content you are providing?

User intent, otherwise known as query intent or search intent, is the identification and categorization of what a user online intended or wanted to find when they typed their search terms into an online web search engine for the purpose of search engine optimization or conversion rate optimization. (

For example, the term ‘what is the best form of revenge’, a current rank of 1 on the SERPs might bring in 24 visits a month, however, it’s unlikely that those visits were after the content on that page. 

Check Your Website By Rank - next steps

Next up, we take a look at the full list of currently ranking pages, and decide if making changes to the content will hurt or help SEO.

In this case, the terms that are highest on the home page (wealthy accountant and similar) are also contained in the URL so it’s unlikely that the actual content on the home page is feeding that placement.

Plus, ‘wealthy accountant‘ is a term that is likely not closely related to your ideal visitors intent (what those people you want on your site are looking for).

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