WordPress Design & Usability
WordPress themes are designed to make web pages look good and appealing. While Web Designers In Washington prefer WordPress,  Themes should not be used as a substitute for good design.
To serve the purpose of making an appealing web page, you need to first consider the layout of your website carefully.
WordPress design themes are already written by professional designers who know exactly how to put together a beautiful and user-friendly web page.
This does not mean that WordPress designs are more advanced than regular websites, but it does mean that they have certain advantages that regular websites do not have.
Wordpress Design & Usability
Everyone wants a good WordPress Design for a website ... in whatever field you work.

WordPress Design is Easier to Use

The fact that WordPress is highly usable and has a well-documented design philosophy makes it easy to use. But that also makes it more difficult to learn and use.
If you are planning on using WordPress, you should definitely read through the folks’s guide to using WordPress. It has some great information about how to get started with the CMS, and some great examples of how to build a site which is both beautiful and highly usable.
If you are looking for a more visual way of learning how to use WordPress, contact us and we can help.

WordPress Design is More User-Friendly

I should probably mention that I don’t think there’s any such thing as “user-friendly” website design.
We all know what user-friendliness is: it’s the feeling you get when browsing a site that you are surfing with eyes closed, and not just your ears. And we all know about the two main kinds of user-friendliness:
  1. The abstract kind, where you feel like you can understand what an app does without having to read its documentation or tutorials
  2. The real life kind, where you feel like the interface is intuitive and predictable even though it might be a bit confusing
But enough about technicalities; let’s talk about some real life examples of how WordPress makes websites highly usable. In this post we’ll highlight three different ways WordPress design lends itself to higher usability than regular websites:
  1. Themes allow for a clean separation of content from presentation — which makes it easier to focus on the content, rather than on whether it looks good or bad (which is hard to tell in WordPress in particular).
  2. Customizability means that most users can change things like fonts, color schemes and other elements without too much trouble (which is another reason why WordPress themes are so much better at presenting information than regular websites).
  3. Code means that the level of flexibility in terms of how layout gets done is unprecedented for designers due to uniform code written for every page. And because pages are still organized into logical sections, developers can easily use tools such as page builders (WordPress has some basic page builders built in from day one — but more advanced ones exist as plugins).
For example we say that while having a clean separation between content and presentation is a big deal when designing pages in general, the same should be true when designing specific pages.

WordPress Design is Easier to Manage

Designing and maintaining an online presence isn’t a simple task. The first thing you need to do is choose the platform you are going to use. Then, you have to figure out what kind of site you want to build. A WordPress design is easy to set up, but setting up a full-blown website can be more complicated and require more resources.
WordPress sites are built using themes which are included with the registration of a WordPress account. These themes include things like the navigation bar, headers and footers, forms, buttons and many other things that along with text and images make up your site’s design.
After selecting a theme, it is time to start adding content to your posts and pages. Themes also come with features like media uploads; for instance, if you have an image or video on the featured image post on your site then it will appear right above the status bar in your theme’s dashboard at all times when using the desktop version of WordPress.
To make things easier on yourself after having chosen a theme, there are plugins available which will let you add new content without having to learn coding further by simply installing them into your existing WordPress install.
This way even if you do not know how to code, creating a website is as simple as installing one plugin!
WordPress Design
WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) designed to be easy to use, maintain, and extend. 
There are two main kinds of websites that WordPress has been built to host: blogs, and websites.
Our preference is the latter because they’re easier to update quickly, more stable, and more secure. The wp_register function offers the most powerful functions for modifying the metadata associated with a post or page on a WordPress website.
WordPress also provides users with tools to protect their posts using the wp_signature function. This function adds an image attachment called a signature (or signature block) that you can use on your website to acknowledge someone’s contributions without actually revealing who they are.
The site-specific functionality provided by WordPress makes it an ideal choice for businesses of all types since it is extremely flexible, easy to manage, and allows for customizations that are impossible for most other web hosts to offer.

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